Lockhart Illustration

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The objective of this illustration was to digitally sculpt a complex organic form, retopologizing the sculpt and realistically rendering it in the subject’s natural environment. I chose the state insect of the state of New Mexico: the tarantula hawk wasp (P. grossa). Dr. Christopher Darling, Senior Curator of Insects at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), generously provided a tarantula hawk wasp specimen for this study. Additional reference photographs were taken from ROM exhibits and specimen collections.


December 2019

Prof. Nicholas Woolridge

Content Advisor:
Prof. Chris Darling

Pixologic ZBrush, Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Arnold for Cinema 4D


By examining the specimen using a dissecting microscope (loaned by Prof. Dave Mazierski of UTM BMC), I made plan elevation sketches which were used for digital modeling.

ZBrush was used for digital modeling/sculpting and retopologizing, after which the object was brought into Cinema 4D for coloring, rendering, environment construction and lighting.

1.  Harris, A. C. 1987: Pompilidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera). Fauna of New Zealand [no.] 12.